Bosonauts: Our new project

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Hi all!!!

Until now, jemchicomac has been related to our own single project, Crazy Belts.  Now is time to bring something totally new to the table.

In this blog we are going to make journal on the overall game design and development process of our new game.

If you want to be a part-time game designer, or even better play the HIPPO role without any risk or liability, don’t be shy and give us feedback on our game!

Here are some details of the project:

  • It would be a mobile game. We’ve learned how hard is succeed in mobile. Also we’ve scars on desktop too. Publishing a game is complex anyway. However, we believe world is moving into mobile (even Nintendo is going mobile these days!) and the core game mechanics and technology is driven to a mobile game by design
  • From a business point of view, we believe that there is something between messaging and gaming and we want to dig into it, reaching a new social experience around our game. We are not speaking about vanilla Facebook invitation to the game or integration with Line: we are cooking something pretty unique mixing multiplayer and messaging
  • Keep-it-simple-stupid! Not this case, I’m afraid. 3D, advanced IA and realtime multiplayer. Short term and long term gameplay mixed. A classic example of “our second game syndrome”
  • Unity. We love libGDX, but after hundreds of test, we finally decided to move into Unity. We are missing libGDX since the very moment we took the decision, like the perfect girlfriend you shouldn’t break up

And…finally, the first preview. The name and the official tittle of our incoming game:


What do you thing about?


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