Crazy Belts is ready for Desura!

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Hi there! We’ve been silent for a while but we’ve had good reasons. It’s been two months of hard work and many things have changed for Crazy Belts… good things indeed! First of all, we got the chance to be included in Groupees’ Build a Casual Bundle 2, along with other great casual titles, from October 7th to 15th. It was a great experience which helped us to complete our desktop version of the game and create some new artworks, like the new and funny box you see up there.

Now comes the second great step for Crazy Belts… Desura!

Yes, we’ve been approved in this platform and we’ll be launched in November 3. Preorders are open in our page here. Or just click this beautiful banner below:

Crazy Belts

In case you missed it, this is our launch trailer:


Don’t worry, we don’t forget about the mobile version of the game. Remember you still can join our Alpha Test Program and help us to make the best game for all kind of players. Hopefully, Crazy Belts will be released in Google Play the first week of November. You can expect great news and surprises by then, so stay tuned!

And don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well. We look forward to have your feedback!

  1. slayer-99

    This is a pretty cool game, but it would be a bet better if there were more things that got in the way of the bags on there way down to make it a little more challenging.

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