jemchicomac is hiring (again)!!!

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Hi all,

yes! jemchicomac is hiring again. Now we are not looking for a skilled developer (we get perhaps the best one in the world  joined to the team!) but we are trying to find somebody in the marketing field, preparing the commercial launch of our long-awaited Crazy Belts.

If you are an Spanish reader and you are interested, you can follow this link or you can read in English directly here:

We are trying to find a marketing professional working as a freelance able to manage and execute all the marketing tasks related to the commercial launch of Crazy Belts. During all these busy months building the game, we have created half-way everything but without very much focus and love as the launch time always seem too far. Now is the time for taking all the exisiting material and the work done so far (newsletter, blog, webpage…) and move it to the next level building a successful launching campaing.

The skills/experience required for the position are:

  • PR & Blogger Outreach. Build a list of bloggers/media to reach, handle relationship and grant enough coverage on the press and blogs on time for the launch
  • Media Buying and management of the (VERY limited) marketing budget
  • Social Media Marketing before the start and some time after the launch, with focus on Twitter and Facebook
  • Search Engine Optimization/ Application Store Optimization
  • Direct Email Marketing if applies
  • Marketing Collateral & Branding management, working directly with the graphic designer providing copywritting and overall strategy on marketing pieces.
  • Campaign Analytics & Insights

We are looking for freelancers and not PR or any kind of agency. There are numerous things to do and deliver but the project is humble hence not big enough for an agency but great for a passionate single freelancer willing to collaborate.

Of course! is a paid position!

Let’s keep in touch if you are interested

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