Try Crazy Belts Desktop Edition for free!

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[UPDATED] If you’re doubting whether or not to buy Crazy Belts in Desura, we have the answer for you: you can try the gameĀ  by free and then… then do it by Fry meme style. You know, that SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY thing.

Wanna know more? Keep reading!

  • Crazy Belts demo: Just go to GameJolt, register if you’re not into the community yet and download our demo. Piece of cake! Jemchicomac is there to become friends if you want.
  • Crazy Belts full version: free on Kongregate.
  • Crazy Belts Facebook version: you can play the game in Facebook and show it to your friends.

And remember we’re always asking for more and more feedback. Crazy Belts Desktop Edition is live, but we want to improve it as much as we can to make the game you deserve. And of course you also have our free mobile version!

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