If you want to travel through the world… Crazy Belts helps you!

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Ok , wait a minute. We’re not giving away any flight tickets or something. But don’t stop reading! We have a better proposal for you: the possibility of travel through the world without moving from home. Just by playing some Crazy Belts in your PC!

Have you seen all the airports you can visit in Crazy Belts? No? Well then, let’s take a little tour. This is Jemchicomac Travel Agency,  you’re gonna love it! 🙂

Crazy Belts starts in London, in the LHR airport. You can take nice pics of the Big Ben… but don’t distract yourself too much or your bags will be lost forever!



After that, we’ll travel across the ocean. Our destination: New York, its skyscrapers and the JFK airport. Tricky gears await here for you! Have you seen the size of THAT cube in the right?



Once you beat New York, let’s take a trip to the south of Europe. Madrid airport is the next stop for Loui The Bag and his friends.


By this time, we’re sure you have become a Crazy Belts expert, PhD in Bag Handling (yes, that is a title, but don’t put it in your resumé…). So let’s take a jump and land in Australia. Sidney airport is the fourth stop! Ehrm… where are the kangaroos?



And we finish in the East, in the ancient China. Pekin airport is the last stop: you can visit the Great Wall while rescue some more bags.


And this is the end… or maybe not? Don’t forget we have an Infinite Mode, where you can travel to the Moon (say hi to Frank Sinatra if you see him)  and play non-stop… and kick some asses in the global leaderboard.

But we never rest here in Jemchicomac. We want Crazy Belts to become better and bigger, of course, and that’s why we’re already planning more levels to add in future updates. So now we ask you a question: which airports or cities would you like to see in our game? Tell us here, in the comments below, or in our Twitter account, we’re excited to know!

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