Crazy Belts at Madrid Games Week

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Last week was a real madness for us. But a really delightful madness!

Crazy Belts was launched in Desura in November 3, with a contest for the Infinite Mode: every challenger who joins the global leaderboard can win an Amazon voucher by the end of the competition in November 30. You can check the rules here:

Only 3,99 $ / 2,99 euros and you can obtain 100$… it really worth the shot!

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And after the launching, we went to Madrid Games Week. From November 7 to 10 we take part of the indie stand brought to the fair by Made in Spain Games, where you can also buy our game (thanks a lot for the chance, pal!). We introduced Crazy Belts to the public, sharing space with other Spanish studios: Kraken Empire, Beautifun Games, A Crowd of Monsters, Drakhar StudioDeconstructeam, Teku Studios and Evil Mind. Great companions on this sailing!

It’s been an exhausting long-weekend, but we’ve learned a lot. Many people came to our stand to try Crazy Belts; we discovered what aspects of the game are more likely to succeed, and which others have to improve or maybe change to give a better gameplay experience.

Also we had the opportunity to contact with a lot of talented people trying to enter into gaming business. We got a lot of resumes and 3-4 cm tall business cards stack crowded of really great people from game development, music and art.

In addition, we had the opportunity of being interviewed for several podcasts, youtubers… and also we barely apeared at Spanish TV!!! Our presence online has changed dramatically since then. Just put “jemchicomac” or “Crazy Belts” in your browser and you will see tons of references on gaming blogs speaking about us. Really worth it!

So we still have a challenging road in front of us, but also a lot of energy and excitement. Our mobile version will be in Google Play and the App Store very soon. We hope to give you a better game than we thought!

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