Crazy Belts has been Greenlit by the Steam Community

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Hi all,

yes! after months of hard work, finally Crazy Belts will reach Steam thanks to the marvellous Steam Community.

We are thankful to everybody voting for the game and all the people that also commented about the game was very mobile-ish (more on this below!)

Crazy Belts Steam
Crazy Belts has been Greenlit by the Steam Community


Just to keep everybody up-to-date on what is going on next:

  • We are working hard integrating Crazy Belts with Steam SDK. We are going to integrate with Steam identities, mixing our Global Leaderboard with native, Facebook and Steam identities. Also we are going to integrate the stickers and achievements thing, in a similar way we are doing in Facebook and Mobile edition of the game. As the game is developed in Java/libGDX we are using Daniel Ludwig’s Steamworks4j ( to integrate our game with Steam
  • We are preparing the integration with a new interaction technology we hope having ready together along Steam edition. This new interaction technology would allow playing the game in a different way rather than using keyboard and mouse. Somehow we want to fill the gap between Mobile Edition and PC Edition of the game and make the game appealing for those pure PC players tired of 1:1 conversion of games stright from iOS/Android . More on this in the incoming days.

We will keep you posted and inform when the integration with with Steam is finished and ready to launch.

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