The best games to play on airports

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We’re people who cares. We know that more of you are bored in a waiting room of an airport right now, maybe reading some random blog… We’re gonna recommend you some perfect games to play right now. Yes, now! Come inside and look!


Have you ever sat on an airport waiting room, looked at the window and thought… “Oh, managing all those planes should be easy. I can probably do it!” Ok, we recommend you to dismiss that thought. You can’t. But you can imagine to be somehow an airport manager with Air Control. A simple yet addictive game for your Android device, in which you’ll have to guide planes and prevent them of crashing. Which is never good, you know. You have 4 maps and special aircrafts like zeppelins or sonic jets. And we can assure that the game becomes more complicated level after level!

A little bit different and slightly older is Pocket Planes. We love that pixel-art aesthetic, and we love more that it’s a game from the people behind Tiny Tower. That means that’s not only charming but also hilarious. Like that, it’s a management game where you can become the master of a pocket empire. In this case, you’ll be able to control airports, fleets and routes; 250 cities are waiting for you.  You can also compete with your friends in group events worldwide. Pocket Planes is available for Android and iOS as well.

And there’s another great game that teaches us something even more misterious. Yeah, managing the planes is fun, but what about our poor luggage? Nobody thinks about our bags? Well, we do. Here in Jemchicomac we have unveiled the truth behind the check-ins, the conspiracy of the conveyor belts… Of course we’re talking about CRAZY BELTS!!

We can’t end a post about games to play on airports without our charming little game for iOS and Android. If you’re here, we’re sure you already know about us. But in case you don’t… please take a minute to watch our trailer. And then, give us a try! 🙂


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